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A Really Nice Bike Lane Could Be Coming to the Embarcadero

A tourist-only lane is still, sadly, but a dream. 


The Embarcadero could soon get a dedicated bike way. That'd be a big step up from the often awkward, and sometimes downright dangerous, interplay of pedestrians, bicycles, and cars that happens along the waterfront now.

In fact, parts of the stretch of streets and sidewalks from AT&T Park to Fisherman's Wharf among of the city's "High Injury Network"—the six percent of road that accounts for 60 percent of accidents. From 2006 to 2011, the police department reported 84 injuries of pedestrians or cyclists along the Embarcadero, including two pedestrian deaths. (Pro tip: We recommend taking your jogs on the city-side sidewalks rather than the Embarcadero proper.) 

In response, city transportation officials have proposed building a bikeway that would connect existing bike network connections along the waterfront. The exact configuration of the protected lanes remains to be determined. According to the MTA, "A bikeway is a bicycle facility that is physically separated from moving or parked vehicles and pedestrians. It is expected to improve the safety and comfort of everyone traveling along The Embarcadero by creating separate and clearly defined areas for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers."

A similar bike-only lane recently opened on Polk Street, after years of controversy.


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