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This Riley Curry Ad Is About So Much More Than $80 Toddler Shoes

Clear eyes, full hearts, overpriced shoes!


To her many scene-stealing, heart-melting talents, Riley Curry has just added shoe modeling to the list. And, this being Riley Curry, her video for tyke shoe brand Freshly Picked is not just any modeling gig. When we watch San Francisco’s favorite toddler and daughter of Warriors MVP Steph Curry cavorting in her backyard, mother Ayesha standing proudly by, we’re not looking at a mere commodity like footwear. No, we’re invited to contemplate the fleeting preciousness of someone else’s childhood—all bound up in a nostalgia-pricked montage of Riley blowing bubbles, Riley mugging from behind heart-shaped sunglasses, Riley hugging the family dog, Riley grinning with delight as she rotates in slow-mo on a rope swing. No one’s childhood can live up to this delirious minute and a half, which makes it overwhelmingly bittersweet. We’re crying as we type this.

So what are these shoes? Not sure. They appear to be some sort of moccasin. A transition from baby shoes, the Freshly Picked website tells us. Yeah, they’re a bit over-aestheticized, with color choices that mimic the Apple watch’s metallic materials palette. (Way to go, Riley, for not picking the rose gold.) And yeah, they’re $80 toddler shoes, and she’ll grow out of them in four months. So what? This ad sells shoes the way Kyle Chandler sells high-school football. Whatever Riley's selling we're buying, OK? So just leave us alone in the dark here for a while longer with this ad and the Friday Night Lights opening credits. And close the door, will you? 


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