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Robin Williams's Daughter Bullied off the Internet

Compounding tragedy with horror.


Today is canceled. Just go home and we can all try again tomorrow. Trolls on Twitter bullied Robin Williams's grieving daughter, Zelda, off Twitter and Instagram yesterday.

Jezebel reports that last night, amid the online outpouring of grief over the suicide of her father, two Twitter users began tweeting faked images of Williams's corpse at her. Though the images were soon shown to be false, Zelda Williams became distraught, tweeting, "I'm shaking. I can't. Please. Twitter requires a link and I won't open it. Don't either. Please." According to NY Mag, the abusive user's accounts were suspended.

Unfortunately, the damage was already done, and Zelda Williams later wrote that she would quit her use of social media for the time being, writing that she was deleting the Twitter and Instagram apps from her devices.

As Amanda Hess wrote in Pacific Standard in January, attacks on women are distressingly common online, and they can have real-world consequences. "For the women they target, the attacks only compound the real fear, discomfort, and stress we experience in our daily lives."


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