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San Francisco's Latest Gluten-Free Bakery Is in a…Parking Garage?

Glütless is the rare gluten-free bakery that lures everyone.

Zucchini bread at Glütless.


The parking garage complexes that line Mason Street don’t really invite culinary tourism, to put it mildly. That’s one reason that Glütless is such a pleasant surprise: “What,” you want to ask, “is a nice bakery like you doing in a place like this?” The other reason, of course, is that Glütless happens to be that rare breed of gluten-free bakery good enough to lure people who don’t need it to be gluten-free.

Opened seven months ago by Golan Yona, the tiny space is dominated by a display case lined with muffins, quick breads, cakes, and savory hot pockets. On an afternoon in early October, two varieties of hot pocket came stuffed with cheese and vegetables. Served hot, they were gooey and flavorful. Best of all was their crust: Made from Yona’s own blend of soy, sorghum, almond, tapioca, and corn flours, it was endowed with puff and crunch.

Glütless’s location doesn’t seem to have discouraged the gluten-averse. One woman, upon entering the bakery, asked, “This is 100 percent gluten-free?” “Yes, everything,” Yona replied. “Where,” the woman asked, “have you been?” 325 Mason St. (near O'Farrell St.), 415-305-7877


Originally published in the November issue of San Francisco 

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