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San Francisco's Trump Voters Live Exactly Where You'd Expect

Hint: Not all Marina bros went for Bernie. 


San Francisco's Trump voters are not a numerous lot. As the Examiner points out, just 9,204 San Francisco Republicans are praying to Cheeto Jesus. (Bernie Sanders got nearly 10 times that tally, with 99,298 Democratic votes.) But when it comes to harboring Trump supporters, it turns out that neighborhoods, like foreigners and religious worshippers and certain judges, are not created equal! 

The Trump enclaves—if you can call them that—harbor concentrations of supporters at levels slightly higher than the rest of San Francisco (which is to say, still microscopic, but nonetheless pronounced enough to pick out with a short finger). When political consultant Jim Stearns plotted them on a map, patterns emerged. As the Examiner's Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez points out, the Trumpiest parts of town are also the richest: the Marina, Pacific Heights, Sea Cliff, and suburban-ish West of Twin Peaks and St. Francis Wood. And note that the Mission, Tenderloin, and Hunter's Point are the least orange parts of the map. The inner part of the Bayview, though, looks like a relative anomaly in an otherwise Trump-free zone.

Of course, even at the map's highest concentration—0.27 percent—you're talking maybe 24 people. There are neighborhood D&D meetups with more members than that.

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