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Scandanavian Invasion

Stockholm-based metalsmith David Taylor creates new tabletop designs exclusive to San Francisco.

david taylor lamp

A David Taylor lamp design at Nwblk.

“Inspiration isn’t something that I rely on,” says Scottish metalsmith David Taylor, known for his off-kilter lighting and tabletop decor. “It’s too unpredictable.” Instead, the designer is an artful hoarder: He collects objects and materials that he finds interesting, then collages, disassembles, and iterates. “I keep creating little pockets of things I like until I reach a tipping point to push me in one direction,” he says. “It’s design by critical mass.”

The approach has served Taylor well at his tiny home studio in Stockholm, but he’ll be creating on a grander scale this month. As the spring artist-in-residence at Mission workshop and gallery the Nwblk, he’s developing a line of furniture and lighting available exclusively in San Francisco. “Everything I make in Sweden fits into a box,” he says. “Here, that box has been hugely expanded.”

Known for deftly blending materials—his Crowd candlestick series melds silver, steel, concrete, brass, and leather—Taylor is now experimenting with wood and terrazzo. His most recent tabletop designs, Considered Objects, traveled here with him, serving as a springboard for the new work. He considers the collection’s brass-and-concrete mirror an apt point of departure. “There’s an Alice in Wonderland aspect to it: stepping into this new city, new workshop, and new project, all at once,” he says.
Available at the Nwblk, 1999 Bryant St. (at 18th St.), 415-621-2344.


Originally published in the March issue of San Francisco

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