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Serious Gamer, Jane McGonigal Speaks at the Herbst

A year ago, San Francisco published a story on celebrity game designer Jane McGonigal and her website, which had just launched. The site is a place where designers, programmers, and gamers meet up to brainstorm and create what McGonigal calls “gameful” (otherwise known as “serious”) games that take aim at real-life challenges like peak oil and world hunger. Since we wrote about it, the site has gained more members—or “monsters,” as they’re called in Gameful land. Tonight, McGonigal is a City Arts and Lectures speaker at the Herbst Theatre. If you can’t snag one of the few remaining tickets, just tune in to KQED at 8 p.m. Per usual, an interesting local will be asking the questions; this time it’s Ryan Wyatt, the director of Planetarium and Science Visualization at the Academy of Sciences.

Check out our coverage of in 2011 here, McGonigal’s Ted Talk from 2010 here, and her conversation on The Colbert Report in 2011 here.