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S.F. Vandal Tags Tesla with the Automaker’s After-Hours Stock Price

The perfect San Francisco crime?

Morgan Missen's neighbor's car (via Missen on Twitter).


One vandal may have gotten a little too excited over a $9 stock increase for Tesla after hours on Wednesday, a boost that prompted what Gizmodo has dubbed the most San Francisco crime ever. Yesterday, tech recruiter Morgan Missen tweeted a photo of her neighbor’s red Tesla freshly tagged with its after-hours stock price of $211, a 4.4 percent increase from the time the markets closed. “That’s not a crime, that’s art,” quipped one Twitter user. 

If graffiti seems like an awfully aggressive way to hype a stock, well, yeah. The thread that erupted in response to Missen’s photo threw up some other theories. The number 211 is the first section of the California penal code for robbery, for instance. A subtle slug aimed at purported tech robber-barons, perhaps? Someone else pointed out a more sinister connection to white supremacists: “it looks a hell lot more likely to me that this is the white supremacist 211 gang than some NASDAQ vandal,” tweeted one Fred Lambert. The 211 Crew, a Colorado prison gang, may not be the most likely perp here in S.F., but the coincidence is unsavory, to say the least. 

There is one bright spot for yesterday's graffiti victim: As Missen notes, “His other Tesla appears unharmed.” 


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