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Snap judgments: Loquat - We Could Be Arsonists

Loquat's third full-length album achieves an impressive feat - it blends folky soft rock with synthy pop and makes it sounds great. This spunky record feels slightly more rock than electro, so for music lovers looking for an easy entry into the world of electronic sound, this might be it. The ten tracks have roll-down-the-window pop appeal, with quirky references to weird phenomena like events in outer space and imaginary monsters - think Florence and the Machine meets the Strokes. Since the San Francisco-Oakland band put out its last album, in 2008, a new drummer, guitarist-singer, and keyboardist have joined ranks, filling out a robust five-person entourage. The turnover has resulted in some refreshingly candid artistic output; "Walk Out" lays bare the harsh emotional aftermath of their previous keyboardist quitting, and in "The Legion," front woman Kylee Swenson Gordon rallies the band together when she sings, "It's hardly a setback, if within the walls our army is growing." Gordon's strong, sultry vocals make the album whole, but it's also nice when she steps out of the way every once in a while to let her bandmates go all out with punchy instrumental solos. Loquat doesn't break any new ground with this one, but it's bound to collect a diverse group of fans.