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Snickers remake

A candy bar inspires sweet nostalgia.

Boxes of perfectly good truffles collect dust in one corner of my desk, while several single-origin chocolate bars grow stale in my drawer. I’ve been meaning to eat them, but frankly, I’m uninspired. When it comes to chocolate, the best response I can usually muster is “meh.” So I’m not quite sure what to make of the fact that the Ramona, a bar from Oakland’s Double Dutch Sweets, has become my latest fixation. It’s a modern riff on Snickers, with layers of peanut-studded nougat and caramel coated with a single-source Venezuelan dark chocolate. And, in a departure from the classic candy bar, this one is topped with crunchy flakes
of Maldon salt. No green tea, bacon, wasabi, or goji berries, just things that actually taste good with chocolate when paired in the proper proportions. This grown-up interpretation of a childhood favorite may be just what I need to restore my faith in candy. Available at Bi-Rite Market, 3639 18th St., S.F., 415-241-9760, and other locations.