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SoMa Restaurant Now Offering Discounts to the People Who Need It Least

Dirty Habit gives special deals to Twitter, Google, and Uber employees.

SoMa restaurant Dirty Habit, which officially opens its doors on Thursday, has been passing out special discount tokens* to employees at the city's elite technology companies. Here, in no particular order, is a list of unrelated facts about the restaurant, its interesting ideas about marketing, and the world as we know it:

According to a report on Re/Codethe restaurant is "distributing tech industry bar passes to employees—a special token for recipients to keep that will provide them with exclusive discounts and offerings when visiting the restaurant and bar."

• The average Bay Area technology worker makes a salary of $123,00 per year.

• Later, on Eater SF, Dirty Habit's press team claims that the tokens weren't meant to be exclusively for tech workers—although they had no plans to distribute them to anyone but—and weren't for discounts. Rather, the tokens were for free drinks and appetizers.

• According to French economist Thomas Piketty, income inequality in the United States is at its highest level since 1928.

• Last week, Dirty Habit gave a special for Twitter workers, which included cake in the shape of the company's logo.

• Marie Antoinette liked cake. 

• Today, Dirty Habit put up a photo (on their Twitter feed) of a toothpaste tube full of foie gras.

• Sale of fois gras is illegal in California.

• The restaurant opens to the general public on May 1st.

• At 4 pm on May 1st, socialist groups will mark their annual celebration of International Workers Day.


*Update: Dirty Habit's press agents have told that us that no tokens have yet been passed out, and that those that will be are not for discounts, and will be issued to patrons outside of the tech industry.


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