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Stars of "Looking" Spotted Around Town as Filming Begins for Season Two

Let's look at what happened to Looking while we weren't looking.

From l to r: Russell Tovey, Jonathan Groff, and Murray Bartlett.


The greatest piece of plotless cinema verite since the Red Balloon is gearing up to begin filming in San Francisco again. That's right, Season Two of HBO's Looking is just around the corner.

In fact, SFist reports that celebrity sightings have already begun to trickle in. "A friend tells SFist that they saw Jonathan Groff out jogging near Golden Gate Park on Saturday, and several people reported seeing Russell Tovey, who plays Groff's British love interest/boss Kevin, at SoMa gay bar The Powerhouse, possibly with his husband in tow." A call for extras has also gone out.

But there's even more. San Francisco's Senior Looking-at-Looking-Looker, Ellen Cushing, reports that she's had a brush with fame of her own. "I was at a cafe near their soundstage and saw the guy who plays Dom. His name is Murray," she says. "I said hey. We didn't interact."

As for what the second season of the show might entail, speculation is running rampant. We asked Cushing to share her predictions. Here's what she told us:

"We know Russell Tovey is signed on for Season 2, so it's safe to assume that the Kevin-Patrick thread will pick up again. Of course, anyone who's even remotely emotionally stable is rooting for the Patrick-Richie relationship, but if we've learned anything about Looking, it's that it doesn't make things easy for viewers, so I'd expect that Kevin will continue to get in the way. I'm hoping Agustin will do serious soul-searching this season—the finale certainly set him up for some—and that Dom will continue his relationship with Lynn. Also that the writers come to their senses and give Doris something to do other than talk to or about Dom (just because it's a gay show doesn't mean it gets a pass on the Bechdel test!!)."


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