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"Startups: Silicon Valley" Premieres Tonight on Bravo

At 9pm reality TV takes on the tech boom. But it looks more like high school than the real world. Here's a peak at the cast, yearbook style. 

Randi Zuckerberg
The Vice Principal

Making her first foray into Hollywood after leaving her job as marketing director at her brother’s company (you know the one); as the show’s exec producer, she decides who stays and who gets suspended or expelled.

Sarah Austin
The Party-Girl Cheerleader

Report card: Vlogger for Forbes; Tamalpais High alum who produced Party Crashers (an online video series about nerdy tech parties); investor in Shaker (a Facebook-for-partyers app) and Pop17 (a vlog that meshes the red carpet with the tech world); lived in the Four Seasons Palo Alto during the Bravo shoot.

Extracurricular: Gardener

Most likely to: be exiled from the rest of the cast.

Hermione Way
The Homecoming Queen

Report card: Brit who founded NewsPepper and Techfluff and is video director for the Next Web; hosts Startup World, scanning the globe for the next Steve Jobs; threw herself a mansion-hopping birthday party that started at the Villa and cost guests $50 a head.

Extracurricular: Kite surfer

Most likely to: get in a catfight with Austin.

Ben Way
The Hot British Exchange Student

Report card: Was the youngest self-made millionaire in Europe ($33 million) before losing it all by age 22; rehoisted himself by his bootstraps to become one of the first stars of The Secret Millionaire; teams up with sis Hermione for their next startup—a health-tracking system that’s already garnered real-world buzz.

Extracurricular: Fire-breather and dancer

Most likely to: hook up with Austin.

Kim Taylor
The Outta-My-Way Valedictorian

Report card: Former director of Ampush, one of the earliest Facebook advertising companies; transplant from the Midwest who volunteers with San Francisco Social, SFMOMA, and the S.F. Symphony; ditched Ampush in the middle of filming to found her own fashion startup.

Extracurricular: Former NBA dancer

Most likely to: dare someone to chug a bottle of pricey cab.

Dwight Crow
The Poindexter with a Wild Side

Report card: Programming prodigy who cofounded the online used-car search engine Carsabi (he and his cofounder were hired by Facebook last month); known to code 18 hours straight and then go on a binge with his hacker bros.

Extracurricular: Hard-core globe-trotter (spotted at Mt. Everest base camp wearing American-flag briefs)

Most likely to: solve an algorithm while playing beer pong.

David Murray
The Theater Geek

Report card: Founder and CEO of the software company GoalSponsors; former product manager at Google; determined to become a self-made app millionaire without funding.

Extracurricular: Semiprofessional opera singer

Most likely to: burst into a musical rendition of The Lord of the Rings.

“Silicon Valley is like high school, but it’s only the smart kids, and everyone has a lot of money,” opines one of the stars of Bravo TV’s new reality show. True to those eyeball-scratching words, Silicon Valley Start-Ups (premiering November 5), which follows six young “wantrepreneurs” as they try to strike it big in San Francisco’s tech gold rush, promises to be more of a flashback to senior year than a documentary of the lonely, highly caffeinated existence of a true tech titan-in-the-making. Here’s a preview.