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Steph Curry Just Bought a $3.2 Million Mediterranean Estate in Walnut Creek

The Warriors MVP shuffles suburbs, says goodbye to Orinda.


You don’t have to be a Denver Nugget to know that basketball capitalist Steph Curry doesn’t stay in one place for long. And now it looks like the Warriors MVP is ditching his Orinda family home in favor of a Mediterranean-style spread in Walnut Creek, the Los Angeles Times reports. The $3.2 million sale—that’s about 40,000 pairs of fancy toddler shoes, if Riley’s reading this—nets the Currys a two-story, five-bedroom house finished in soothing Olive Garden tones. It’s fronted by a motorcourt and a formal courtyard entrance, where Riley and Ryan are sure to frolic in the most picturesque fashion.

The house also comes with a 2,300-bottle wine cellar, billiards rooms, and an 800-square-foot “casita” on the premises. Riley is just going to love playing casita.

The house had been on the market for $3.988 million, but we’d imagine the price started sweating as soon as it saw Curry coming. 


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