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Sugar Mama: Nicole Plue's New Dessert Endeavor

Pastry chef Nicole Plue has a sweet, new business.

The bad news: In October, Michelin two-starred restaurant Cyrus closed in Healdsburg. The good news: The closure freed up renowned pastry chef Nicole Plue to focus on her new product line, a selection of whimsical dessert toppings called "Sideshow by Nicole Plue." Her "Cereal Thrillers" include three crunchy, salty-sweet wonderments made with feuilletine and puffed cocoa cereal (aka Cocoa Puffs), bosting flavors such as Cashew Orange Mile Chocolate and Salted Peanut. Then there's the Terroir: Chocolate Soil, perfect for sprinkling over coffee ice cream or straight into your mouth.


Originally published in the December 2012 issue of San Francisco.

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