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Supervisor Wiener Commands You to Keep Partying Long Past Your Bedtime

It's your economic duty to the city. 

Though he's not too keen on sugary sodas or sleeping in the parks after dark, Supervisor Scott Wiener knows how to have a good time—and he wants you to have one too. All night long if possible. So next time you're headed for the Endup at three in the morning, say a little prayer for Wiener. 

That's because the Supe issued a call today for hearings on improving the city's late-night mass transit. That's right, Wiener wants you to stop being lame Californians who go to bed at nine just to get to yoga class at five in the morning. He wants you to act like an adult and stay out past the dawn.

In a statement, Wiener said, "Our nightlife and entertainment industry is a significant part of our cultural and economic lifeblood, but we aren’t succeeding in giving people good options to get home safely at night. We need to be sure that people leaving bars or getting off work late at night have reliable and accessible transit options, so they don’t drive drunk or end up waiting in the dark for a bus that comes once an hour." The release trumpets a 2011 study by the city that Wiener asked for that showed that the nighttime economy generates $4.2 billion annually, employs 50,000 people, and generates around $50 million in taxes.

Wiener specifically wants to look at options for increasing late night bus and BART service, but he's also asked for inpt from taxi and ride-sharing companies. He says that a study of Polk Street patrons found an overwhelming desire for better transit, and he'd like to see a similar study done in the Castro. 

So there you have it. Supervisor Wiener wants you to stay out all night long—not because you'd be having fun, but because you'd be stimulating the local economy. Who ever accused him of being drier than $4 toast? 

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