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To Tackle Tech’s Gender Problem, PayPal Cheerfully Organizes All-Male Panel

Don't worry your pretty little heads!



On Wednesday, PayPal invites women to take a seat and listen in on an all-male panel’s thoughts regarding gender inclusivity in the tech sector. Sound pretty bad? Don’t fuss, PayPal seems to be saying, these men are our allies! 

A photo of the event’s poster by an advertising consultant, Cindy Gallop, has been circulating on Facebook since Wednesday. The poster pictures five smiling allies to womankind beneath the words: “Please join us for a discussion with our senior male leaders Edwin Aoki, Sri Shavanada, Jonathan Auerbach, Franz Paasche, moderated by Karthik Suri about how men and women can partner to achieve a better workplace.” You can tell these "senior male leaders" must be pretty comfortable with their feminine sides, or else they wouldn't be caught appearing on a cheerful pink poster.

Nolwenn Godard, president of PayPal’s diversity and women-in-tech group, Unity, posted to Facebook with a quick rejoinder: apparently, the panel’s original title, “Gender Equality and Inclusion in the Workplace: a Conversation with our Male Allies”  was accidentally cut. “This panel is intended to emphasize that women and men need to work together to advance this cause,” she explains. Sounds like an important goal! So why not, then, invite some women onstage? Perhaps the panel itself could take up the question of why a conversation centered around “women and men working together” is one that doesn’t require any women at all. 


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