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Taking a Global Tour of Frozen Treats—Without Leaving S.F.

Why settle for plain ice cream when you can lick shaved snow and mangonadas?

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The shop: 
Steep Creamery & Tea
The treat: Rolled ice cream
For those who like their dessert to come with a little bit of theater, the Thai-style rolled ice cream at this SoMa newcomer is well worth the price of admission: To make each order, the staff pour a thin layer of liquid ice cream base onto a very cold plate and, once it freezes, scrape it up into tight, perfectly cylindrical bundles that they arrange in a cup like flowers in a vase—ready for your stomach and your Instagram feed. 270 Brannan St., Ste. 100

The shop: Nieves Cinco de Mayo
The treat: Mangonadas
This San Francisco outpost of an Oakland institution is our go-to spot for hand-churned Mexican-style ice cream and, especially, for mangonadas, the tangy-sweet treat that combines mango ice cream, fresh mango, chili powder, pickle-y chamoy sauce, and a straw coated with tamarind candy. It’s summertime in the Mission exemplified. 3052 16th St.

The shop: Uji Time
The treat: Taiyaki ice cream
Uji Time’s specialty is Japanese-style soft-serve ice cream, aka softcream, available in flavors like tofu and black sesame. But the shop is most famous for its fish-shaped taiyaki cones. It’s like stuffing ice cream inside a Japanese sea bream…that just happens to be a particularly airy, fresh-griddled waffle. 22 Peace Plaza, ste. 440

The shop: Lush Gelato
The treat: Argentinean helado
If you didn’t know that Argentinean-style helado is a thing, you probably haven’t spent much time in Buenos Aires, which might have one of the highest concentrations of gelato shops per capita in the world. Lush’s exceptionally creamy, slow-melting gelato is notable for its unorthodox flavors, but Argentinean classics like the dulce de leche are customer favorites. 1870 Polk St.; 520 Columbus Ave. 

The shop: Pepito’s Paletas
The treat: Paletas
In terms of pure refreshment on a hot day, it’s tough to top the Mexican-style popsicles known as paletas, whose defining characteristic is the colorful chunks of fresh fruit that are suspended within. Long a popular roving pop-up and event caterer, Pepito’s now has a semipermanent home at the Dogpatch cocktail bar School Night, where seasonal paleta flavors might include sweet honey guava and caramelized fried banana. 601 19th St. (at School Night)

The shop: Powder Shaved Snow
The treat: Shaved Snow
If traditional hard-scoop ice cream tends to be heavy, dense, and rich, the trendy Taiwanese frozen treat known as shaved snow is the exact opposite of that: thin, light-as-air ribbons of milky flavored ice that melt on the tongue almost instantaneously. Powder’s California-inflected menu features nontraditional flavors like horchata and Vietnamese coffee and toppings like Tcho chocolate. 260 Divisadero St


Originally published in the July issue of San Francisco

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