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Tech Apologist Ed Lee Thinks Techies Are Not Robots

Okay, then what are they?

Ed Lee

Ed Lee knows robots. And you, sir, are not a robot.

Full disclosure—the only newspaper we read on Sunday mornings is the Daily Racing Form. But this weekend, we suppose we'll have to pick up a copy of the New York Times as well—because our very own mayor Ed Lee is the subject of the Times Magazine interview. (Recent subjects have included Randi Zuckerberg and Mark Pincus. So much for that East Coast media bias.)

Though it's in print on Sunday, the interview just went up online today. So let's find out what we can learn from the time the Salt-and-Pepper Mustache met the Grey Lady?

Ed Lee Sees Through the Uncanny Valley: "Tech workers are not robots: they feel, they think, they have values."

He's Proud of His Obstructionist/Tenant Advocate Past: "I used to brag that I can hold up any eviction—even if the landlord had legal rights, I could hold it up for a year."

He Doesn't Understand the Names of Tech Comapnies Either: "Every Tuesday I go out and meet a company—most of the time it’s tech, sometimes it isn’t—to just talk with them, find out what their crazy name means, like Indiegogo, Yammer. They tell me the history of the name. Half I remember, half I don’t."  

You Can Blame or Credit His Full Term on Dianne Feinstein: "She was the last interim mayor after the murders of Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone; the city was in disarray, and she had to try to bring it together. She’s taller than me, so she’s looking down, and she says, “You can’t abandon your post now."

Read the entire interview here. (Or better yet—buy a newspaper this Sunday.)


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