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Tech stock bonanza: the top 10 tweets on Facebook going public

Unless you live in a subterranean bomb shelter that doesn’t have a working Internet connection, you’ve probably been watching today’s Facebook IPO in action.

With shares starting at $38, some are forecasting it to be the largest stock offering in U.S. history–others predict a flop of epic, bubble-bursting proportions. The talking heads have shared their views on the financial nitty-gritty. Now here’s what the Twitterverse—the only source of information that's more addictive than Facebook—has to say.

1) Facebook goes public tomorrow. It's about time. They made everything about you public a long time ago. —Brett Erlich, @bretterlich

2) With its IPO, #Facebook is now officially a waste of time AND money —Andy Borowitz, @BorowitzReport

3) Facebook market listing on Friday will raise $104billion! Zuckerberg should buy Greece and turn it into a real life game – Greekville —Lehmo, @lehmo23

4) Do you want to make money off facebook? Here's how: 1. Go to your Facebook account settings. 2. Deactivate your account. 3. Go to work. —John M. Phillips, @athleticslawyer

5) Haiku: Facebook raises range / Buyer demand pushed it up / Investors are dumb —Anthony Alfidi, @tonyalfidi

6) #Facebook is worth $100bn. If Zuckerberg doesn’t sell it to build a Star Destroyer he is literally the worst human being ever —Death Star PR, @DeathStarPR

7) How many shares of Facebook stock do I have to buy to disable my mom's "Like" button? —Chase Mitchell, @ChaseMit

8) Facebook is going public. In other news, Greece is going away. —Eric M. Jackson, @ericmjackson

9) I hope Facebook invests the billions they make from the IPO into a iPhone app that actually works and a baby picture filter. —John Sheehan, @johnsheehan

10) Big shout out to 21-year-old Spencer! You saw your friends getting jobs at Facebook and you didn't do a thing! Smart! Super smart! Yay! #ipo —Spencer Porter, @porters

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