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The 18 Best #Jessicastux Tweets

After Sacred Heart deletes the yearbook photo of a female student wearing a tux, students and community members rally to her side. 

After Sacred Heart Prepatory School, a San Francisco Catholic high school, pulled the yearbook photo of one of their students because she wore a tux rather than a dress, outraged students took to Twitter in protest. Their rallying cry, #JessicasTux, has spread awareness to alumni, activists, and community members. Here's a sampling of what people are saying right now:


@salmattos: BOO. This former year book editor is very unhappy with his alma mater right now. Bad Sacred Heart! Bad! #JessicasTux 

@transitdiaries: You don’t get to just say #JessicasTux omission was “regretful." Take responsibility for what you did and PROVIDE NEW YEAR BOOKS.

@charlaaah: My high school taught me not to judge or discriminate against others. How can SH go against that and discriminate [against] someone? #JessicasTux

@ImaniLBrown: Thanks for supporting kids like Jessica. This was me in 1999 at junior prom. I support #JessicasTux

@MarzMediaUS: I'm completely in support of #JessicasTux. But c'mon...she knows what kind of school she goes to. Catholic rigidity is nothing new.

@heatherbussing: God cares if girls wear pants? #JessicasTux #I'mScrewed

@norcalnick: I didn't know it was such a sin for a girl to wear a tux. The pic should stay! #JessicasTux

@AlexCaleWagner: Uh oh, a woman wants to wear trousers. Quick, someone call the Pope! #JessicasTux

@ladyhamlett: Let's talk about how our students are bucking the reputation of intolerance. SHC is its students, and its students are bright. #JessicasTux

@xMaryoGonzalez: Being different is something to be proud of. #JessicasTux 

@tyrsalvia: Not my San Francisco values #JessicasTux SF queer friends, share this.

@lizpalmer1: More adults creating unnecessary ruckus over student gender, this time in CA. 

@tamar_lovee: People are people, she is a fucking member of our class #JessicasTux

@capnjane: So proud of my alma mater's class of 2014! The class of 1984 supports #JessicasTux

@dianamoon: As a St. Ignatius Wildcat, I stand in solidarity with #jessicastux

@emma_t_n#JessicasTux It sucks to see someone being discriminated against for being their self, which happens all too often. You go Jessica

@pocahuntdatass: The men are pissed cause Jessica looks better in a tux #jessicastux

@imkean3: Thank you, from mom of gender noncoforming son in kinder who wears a skirt everyday! #JessicasTux


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