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The $300 Brunch You Were Never Going to Buy Has Been Cancelled

Farewell, BRVNCH, we hardly knew ya.


Who will weep for the $300 brunch?

Not us! Yes, the $300 luxury brunch was cancelled last weekend, and with it the unlimited drinks at the Moet and Chandon mimosa bar and the six-course tapas  menu from chef Ma-Le Au.

The organizers of the $300 brunch, who called the event BRVNCH (pronounced: "I have more money than sense") announced on Friday that the event, which would have been held during Pride weekend at Venue 550 in the Design District, was cancelled because of problems with the liquor license and not at all because it was a horrible idea and nobody was going. Said BRVNCH's Eva Valdebenito, "Due to a discrepancy with our venue's liquor license we are forced to cancel our June 29th launch event. Our inability to provide ticket holders with a worthy event surpassed our need to meet the June 29th deadline." 

Who could have ever imagined that the $300 event—or $1,500 for VIP tickets—premised on the notion that San Franciscans needed to be, in the word of the organizers, "educated" about how to eat eggs and drink Bloody Mary's during Pride—would have been a tough sell? Turns out that San Franciscans would still rather drop a grand and a half on face computers.

Event organizers had previously described BRVNCH as a "groundbreaking new pop-up concept that combs the city for the most coveted dining institutions, serving up tasty food, bottomless cocktails and performances from trapeze artists, go-go dancers, DJs and more. Potential members will fill out an online application, then be screened for possible acceptance into this private club of seasoned brunch enthusiasts."

However, like herpes, BRVNCH promises to return. "We are looking at other venues for a make-up event in either late July or early August," saidValdebenito. In the interim, we'd be happy to sell you a glass of Minute Maid orange juice for just one hundred bucks.


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