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The 8 Best Things About Staying in The City During Burning Man

We're not saying good riddance, we're just saying we're a little relieved, that's all.

 Burning Man during the day.

Do you remember how easy it was to get around town during the Super Bowl (provided you weren't a football fan)? Well, there's analogous good news this week for those of you not going to Burning Man. While the Burners will be out having fun in the desert getting sunburned, ingesting substances, and making sand art, the rest of San Francisco is going to be enjoying these eight things about staying in the city while they're gone.

1. Grabbing a table at the always-packed bohemian hangout Revolution Cafe is cutthroat competition, but during Burning Man you won't have to wait two hours just to sit down.

2. Have you ever tried to throw a barbecue at Golden Gate Park only to find out that every grill has already been taken? Gather your friends pronto and make your way to Marx Meadow.

3. The bathroom wait at Dolores will be 20 minutes instead of the usual 45.

4. There isn't a better time to go camping at spots like the Marin Headlands or the Samuel P. Taylor State Park. But make sure you got your gear ahead of time, because most outdoors stores have probably rented all their stuff out because of Burning Man.

5. We've all wanted to do brunch at places like Mission Beach Cafe and Dottie's but have shied away because of the line. Well, you know what they say, when the Burners are away, get your brunch on at Mission Beach Cafe!

6. Every bar you've ever complained about being too crowded (looking at you Beauty Bar and Madrone Art Bar) will have some temporary breathing room.

7. It will sure be nice to walk down Haight and Valencia streets without bumping into people every four steps.

8. Best of all, you don't have to hear your friends go on and on about how awesome Burning Man is going to be this year.


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