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The 9 Best Places to Drink Beer Now

Across the Bay Area, beer is king. Here's where to drink it.

City Beer Store
Besides offering a selection of more than 300 brews for sale, San Francisco’s reigning retail beer temple has a tasting room that gives it a second distinction: It's the city’s best spot to talk (geekily) of beer while downing a few pints.
Drink this: The Wanderer ($60, 0.75 liter), from Orange County’s Bruery, a sour red made exclusively for the store’s five-year anniversary last year.
1168 Folsom St. (near 8th St.) 415-503-1033


St. Vincent
Owner David Lynch might be one of the country’s premier wine guys, but he was smart enough to endow his gastropub of a restaurant, which opened in May, with a great beer selection and entrust it to certified cicerone Sayre Piotrkowski, formerly of the Monk’s Kettle. The sourcing here is brewerydirect.
Drink this: 1903 Pre-Prohibition-Style Lager ($6, 12 ounces), from Craftsman, L.A.’s cultish microbrewery.
1270 Valencia St. (near 24th St.) 415-285-1200

Steep Brew
Whole Foods may not be the sexiest place to meet up for a few drinks, but you can’t knock its discerning palate. The supermarket’s new beer-and-coffee bar beneath its Potrero Hill store has a well-chosen local craft beer selection that dominates the 16 handles.
Drink this: Zymaster ($6, 20 ounces), from Anchor Brewing, which is just a block away.
450 Rhode Island St. (at 17th St.) 415-552-1155

The Abbot’s Cellar
This lofty, ambitious restaurant opened in July with the bold goal of melding fine food with even finer beer. It's hard to decide which is the greater showstopper: the diverse tap selection running from the classic (Moonlight Brewing’s Death and Taxes) to the cutting edge (Firestone’s Pivo pils), or the bar area’s exquisite, backlit gallery of beer glasses.
Drink this: Yeti Imperial Stout ($5.25, 6 ounces), from Denver’s Great Divide.
742 Valencia St. (near 18th St.) 415-626-8700

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