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The Bayview’s Jamnation Makes Jams Worth Swooning Over

This is no mere fruit spread.

Jamnation does good things to fruit.


Over the past several years, the good-food movement has yielded so many jars of small-batch artisanal jam that waxing rhapsodic about it in 2017 carries a certain whiff of repetition. But some jams are meant to be exclaimed over, regardless of the year or zeitgeist, particularly if they taste anything like Jamnation’s In the Limelight. Made from organic seascape strawberries, lemons, and Key limes, it’s a loose, lush concoction freighted with whole strawberries that have gone soft and flabby from cooking. The citrus lends bright, puckery dimension to the fruit, making a jam that’s as lively as it is lovely.

It’s one of several made by the small San Francisco company, which was founded by Gillian Reynolds in 2014. Reynolds uses fair trade organic sugar and as much local fruit as possible for her jams, which she makes in a kitchen in the Bayview. Her company is a family affair: Her chef brother Christopher consults on ideas and recipes. He also helps Gillian brainstorm names like Sublemonal Message and To Peach His Own, making Jamnation’s jams as much a victory for word nerds as they are for those who want a little sweetness in life.


Originally published in the February issue of San Francisco 

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