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The Best Fried Chicken in S.F. Just Might Be at This Mission Gas Station

Hot dogs? No. Crispy dark meat chicken? Hell yes. 

Krispy Krunchy Chicken in Richmond.


It used to be that purchasing your dinner at a gas station convenience store was an act of desperation—or at least a sign of very poor planning. Then the Louisiana-based chain Krispy Krunchy Chicken came along with its explicitly convenience-store-based business model, offering what seems like an impossibility: exceptional Cajun-style fried chicken cooked in small batches and served hot inside the mini-mart attached to your local gas station.

In the past few years, hundreds of Krispy Krunchy outlets have opened around the country, including one—attached to Gas & Shop in the Mission—that a visiting chef from Japan told me was his favorite place to eat in all of San Francisco. If you haven’t heard of the chain, it’s probably only because, well, dodgy-looking gas station convenience stores don’t seem like promising dining destinations. My first Krispy Krunchy experience, in Richmond last month, was a revelation: eight pieces of dark-meat chicken for a mere $8.49, all of it seasoned just aggressively enough, with skin so crunchy that it puts even cult favorite Popeyes to shame—and probably your favorite fried chicken spot, too. The chicken is exceedingly juicy and a little bit spicy; the biscuits come drenched in honey and butter; and, gas station setting or not, the food all comes out hot. 599 S. Van Ness Ave. (At 17th St.), S.F.; 575 23rd St. (At Roosevelt Ave.), Richmond


Originally published in the June issue of San Francisco 

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