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The Best of the Best Party of the Year

Yo. Best of the Bay 2014 is this Thursday. Here's what our editors love most about it.


Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: You can come as you are. Last year, my boyfriend was definitely the only person wearing jean shorts in the room. But it was his birthday—and he's allowed to wear whatever he wants. He looked great—and loved the cocktails.

Scott Lucas, Web Editor: The view from the top floor of the Metreon is incredible. I really love being able to see MoMA on the other side of the park. Since it's still closed for renovations, that's as close as I can get for the time being.

Lauren Murrow, Style Editor: Best of the Bay fell on my birthday last year and I'm a triplet, so I wrangled two tickets for my sisters. We ended the night by pairing bourbon with Anthony's Cookies.

Jon Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief: I know this is borderline sacrilegious, but Best of the Bay is like my personal Yom Kippur. All day, I fast in preparation, then later that night I atone for all of my previous year's sins to anyone who will listen. And then we blow a shofar. It is truly the holiest day of the year for us at SF Mag. 

Annie Tittiger, Managing Editor: Every year it's an absolute dance party—friends, family, and coworkers. It's true! Even my boss becomes a boogie master [see above]. (Jon may kill me for saying that, but it's actually quite true! He and his wife Alexis know how to get down.)

Adam Brinklow, Editorial Fellow: Last year, Wells Fargo was just giving away free bourbons all night. I calculated my overdraft fees on my checking for the whole year before, and made sure to drink enough to make up the balance.


For tickets to the best party of 2014, click here.


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