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The Best Personal Trainers of 2015

The best body gurus to get you into any kind of shape.


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Best for Abs: Jackson Bloore
“Unless you’re a masochist, working your abs isn’t fun, so I motivate clients with a blend of empathy, tough love, and competition,” says Jackson Bloore, whose own abs have appeared in Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health magazines. Bloore’s method of fat attack involves working three areas—upper, lower, and oblique—using extra props like a cable machine and medicine balls to achieve abs that look like they were chiseled by Michelangelo.

Best for Arms: Jakki Flaherty
After years of training everyone from pro athletes to housewives, Jakki Flaherty earned a reputation for her ability to whip anyone’s triceps into sculpted works of art—aka “wedding arms”—in minimal time. Expect to swing kettlebells, manipulate battle ropes, or simply fight the weight of your own body until you feel like “you can barely grip the steering wheel to drive home,” she says.

Best for Legs: Justin la Plante
You don’t need to climb Mount Everest to get killer quads. But according to bodybuilder Justin La Plante, you do need to perfect the unmerciful squat. The beauty is that it’s “challenging but straightforward—you do not need to stray far from the basic movements to achieve awesome results,” he says. Which is why he developed a combination of squat moves to whip legs into stellar shape.

Best for Butts: Jenn Pattee
“Living in the city of hills gives residents a home-field advantage for getting their butts into shape,” Jenn Pattee says. She leads private and group exercise classes across the city’s undulating terrain, sending her clients running up the Lyon Street Steps and lunging down the city’s inclines during six- week sessions.

Best for Posture: Keenan Lee-Peters
When he worked in physical therapy, Keenan Lee-Peters saw firsthand how poor posture leads to injury. Since then, he’s gearedhis personal-training practice toward getting clients into the strongest neutral pose possible, with stretches to elongate computer -strained neck muscles (relieving harmful pressure on the spine), straighten hunched backs, and open up pinched hip flexors.

Best for Chest: Joanna Mahaff
When it comes to shaping up your pecs, Joanna Mahaffy has plenty of street cred—she’s the National Gym Association’s Ms. Bikini California 2014. Which is why she gears her workouts toward helping both men and women achieve pageant-worthy chest, shoulder, and upper-back muscles, with chest dips and ring work at city parks and local gyms.

Best for the Back: Greg Bianchi
Greg Bianchi likes to focus on the back region by taking to some of the city’s best outdoor exercise spots, tightening up grip strength on hanging cables at the Marina Fitness Courts and doing jungle gym work at Corona Heights Park—“anywhere we can hang from something with majestic views. It gives an extra motivation.”


Originally published in the July issue of San Francisco

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