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Liza Minelli brings her song and dance routine to Davies Symphony Hall.

Liza Minelli comes to Davies Symphony Hall this Friday.

Liza Minelli comes to Davies Symphony Hall this Friday.

Wait, why is Lucille 2 from Arrested Development performing at Davies Symphony Hall this month? Is it a charity concert for those suffering from chronic vertigo?

Ohhhh… it’s Liza Minnelli!

You know—the Broadway sensation turned actual EGOT winner turned Netflix sitcom scene-stealer.

She’s performing her classic repertoire, including “New York, New York” and “Cabaret,” accompanied by her trusty septet. While you may never forgive Lucille 2 for buying the Bluth family company or making out with Buster (an image seared into our collective mind for all time and eternity), don’t let her fictional cougar persona stop you from seeing a bona fide living legend in concert.

March 28,


Originally published in the March Issue of San Francisco.

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