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The Double-Headers

The stereotype:  A woman CEO needs a man as chief technology officer to watch her back.  The reality: A female CTO is worth her weight in stock options. 





Citrus Lane

CEO: Mauria Finley, 38
CTO: Claire Hough, 51

The big idea: Care packages of baby products for new parents.

Previous lives: Finley ran research and focus groups at eBay; Hough led the engineering team at nextag.

Girl power: Finley: “sometimes, when talking to external parties, we catch ourselves not being aggressive enough. as women, sometimes we think everyone should know what we’ve accomplished. We have to remind ourselves that sometimes you have to tell people.”




CEO: Mariam Nacify, 41
CTO: Niniane Wang, 32

The big idea: Crowdsourced designs for stationery and paper goods, with input from around the world.

Previous lives: Naficy cofounded Eve .com; Wang worked on Desktop search and gmail at Google.

Girl power: Wang: “people are curious about the all-female leadership team, but it’s just a passing curiosity. if you look at the track record of the leadership team, there’s no arguing with that.”




CEO: Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, 41
CTO: Sin-Mei Tsai, 38

The big idea: Platform for using tastemakers and video to sell goods.

Previous lives: Singh Cassidy led Google’s commercial operations in Asia Pacific and Latin America; Tsai was Cofounder and head engineer at Sheyna, a design-your-own jewelry site.

Girl power: Singh Cassidy: “We actually have a number of strong women in top roles [including gina pell, who sold her to joyus in august], but i’ve noticed less ego in the room than on other leadership teams i’ve served on. Discussions are less about demonstrating power than about trying to get to the right answer.”


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