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The Force Is Not Strong With Us: Chicago Snags Lucas Museum

It's the worst choice George has made since creating Jar-Jar Binks. 


The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that George Lucas has chosen to locate his museum of American art far, far away—as in Chicago. Michael Sneed has just written that, "Chicago is a lock for the Lucas Museum" over San Francisco and late-entrant Los Angeles.

If true, it would represent a blow to the city by the Bay. Lucas had originally tried to place his museum on a part of the Presidio near the Golden Gate Bridge that currently houses a Sports Basement. But the Grand Moffs who made up the decision-making committee apparently thought Lucas was nothing more than a scruffy-looking nerf herder, and rejected his proposal. During the process, Lucas had clearly grown frustrated with the Presidio Trust, airing his greivances to the New York Times

Although the city of San Francisco stepped in to offer an alternative spot near the waterfront for the museum—which will house Lucas's collection of American art and movie memorabilia—it appears that the writing was on the wall for Chicago's, thanks in part to his wife's close ties to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. According to the Sun Times, the museum will be located along the city's lakefront.

Oh well. San Francisco will always have Starfleet Academy.


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