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The Funniest Muslim-Iranian-American Feminist On The Planet?

Bay Area writer-comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh breaks down Islamophobia in her second one-woman show.

Zahra Noorbakhsh performs Dec. 2 @ Live Oak Theatre in Berkeley.

Zahra Noorbakhsh on five questions never to ask a Muslim-American woman:
1. So, you’re educated...?
2. What does your name mean? Oooh, that's so exotic! Wait, how do you say it? Wait, how do you say it?
3. So, when are you going to make me samosas?
4. Have you ever seen Not Without My Daughter? ’Cause you should see it.
5. How do you balance your God-fearing, body-hating, sexloathing, suicidebombing sense of piety with your feminism?

Originally published in the December 2012 issue of San Francisco.

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