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The Hugh Hefner of Weed Lives in Los Angeles, Throws Wild Mansion Parties, and Calls Himself BigMike

Weed fertilizer mogul Michael Straumietis gets lots of grass.

BigMike has been renting an abandoned Hollywood Hills mansion since last June. 


Before anyone else can claim the title, a mogul-in-training by the name of Michael Straumietis wants to be the playboy of pot. Straumietis has deep roots in the legal weed industry—he doesn’t grow, but sells fertilizer to growers through his company, Advanced Nutrients—and he’s been posting over-the-top, boobs-and-bud-filled snaps to Instagram to prove it. (A trope he can’t seem to get enough of: buds in cleavage. Tasteful!) Business Insider has video of a party at Straumietis’s Hollywood Hills mansion, and it is full of all the things you’d expect (beards, ample toke shots) and some things you wouldn’t (enormous crab legs, a mermaid). 

Straumietis, who goes by BigMike, made a media splash last fall with news of his party-animal ways and the 75,000 Instagram followers who eat it up. Now his account, Marijuana Don, has 537,000 followers and perhaps that many more pics of ladies being scantily clad in the vicinity of marijuana leaves, buds, and paraphernalia-scattered coffee tables. Presumably this means BigMike is going for good, clean, social-media-derived fame instead of just making a sex tape like everyone else?

“In my space, I’m a rock star,” BigMike tells Business Insider, explaining that he wants to “build BigMike as the premier cannabis international brand.” To that end, last June BigMike began renting an abandoned Hollywood Hills mansion to serve as the stage set for his rise to stardom as the king of kush, according to TMZ. (Also: the place is “reputed to be haunted,” which is something we’d want to know in the contract before signing up as a mermaid.) The rent is a cool $10,000 per month, which could also be, for all we know, the amount BigMike sunk into swag like the pot-mansion-themed T-shirts a bevy of models is sporting in the TMZ photo.

“Mainstream America doesn’t know who I am,” he says in the video. “As this thing is blowing up, now mainstream America is becoming more aware of who BigMike is. When the 80-year-old grandmother in Nebraska thinks of BigMike and she realizes that BigMike is synonymous with cannabis, I’ve done my job.” Sure, yeah. If we were to try to devise a social strat to reach the Old Lady from Dubuque, this is definitely what we'd go with. 


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