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The New Kids in Craft

Designers get inspired by crafts at the American Craft Council's "Make Room" installation.

Lauren Geremia in her Make Room space.
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Elizabeth Lundburg’s carved wood sculpture inspired designer Lauren Geremia’s room.
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David Whippen’s powder-coated steel cube.
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Porcelain pendant and bowls by Lilith Rockett.
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5. Eric Freyer’s hand-carved tulip chair.

The American Craft Council’s annual show is known less for cutting-edge design than for petrified wood sculptures that cost more than a car. This year, though, the council is looking to lure a younger, more trend-conscious audience. For its inaugural Make Room installation, a cross between a design challenge and a decorator showcase, it paired nine contemporary interior designers with nine artists and craftspeople, then asked each firm to create a complete room inspired by one piece of craft. Interior gurus like Lauren Geremia, Steven Miller of the Nwblk, E.B. Min and Jeffrey Day of Min/Day, and Mimi Chen of Three Legged Pig Design chose works spanning various media—weblike fiber art, powder-coated steel furniture, sculptural high-fired clay, anemone-inspired wood carvings, blackened-steel jewelry, wax paintings, and more—resulting in a wildly eclectic range of rooms, from opulent and French boudoir–inspired (Lisa Bakamis) to clean, stark, and white (Geremia). Aug. 2–4, Fort Mason Center, Festival Pavilion, Marina Blvd. (near Buchanan St.)

Originally published in the August 2013 issue of San Francisco.

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