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The Love and Sex Issue

From sexual pioneers and polyamorists to blind dates and the no-fapping movement, all the stories from our February issue. 

love & sex


Inquiries into the San Francisco heart: choosing hedonism over fidelity; creating stability through polyamory; paying homage to our sex idols; finding peace by deleting porn; and dating with blinders on. Check back throughout the next month as new stories are published online.

Love in the Time of Plethora
Searching for permanence in a promiscuous city.
 By Robin Rinaldi

Poly Love
The high highs, the low lows, and endless trade-offs of the group relationship.
By Julila Scott

The Pioneers
The pin-ups, porn stars, and provocateurs of San Francisco’s sexual heyday.
By Lauren Murrow

The Men Who Would Not Wank
Welcome to the world’s largest anti-masturbation support group.
By Ian Eck

Going in Blind
An experiment in sight-unseen dating.
By Elise Craig


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