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The Outside Lands Guide to Summer Dressing

Think crop tops paired with knee-length cloaks, jean shorts obscured by furry coats, and other chill-ready looks that scream "summer in S.F."


This month, the fedora and poncho–wearing set will infiltrate the Avenues—blame the Black Keys.

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Combine New Age with neon. It's like Sedona, just 40 degrees colder. Navajo prints, blanket stripes, and vintage Pendleton are Polo Field mainstays.

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Embrace your inner Mumford. Formerly country, a little bit rock 'n' roll in leather and suede, fringe is back for another season.

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Electrify your lenses. One-up Elton's eyewear game with mirrored shades in cobalt blue, Ecto green, and magenta.

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Pump up your prints. Want to stand out from the hordes of latter-day hippies? Take a page from British dandy (and Sunday headliner) Sam Smith with bold florals and graphic prints.

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Throw a little shade. Like comeback kid D'Angelo, San Franciscans remain loyal to the beleaguered fedora.

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Swagger by day, snuggle at night. Fend off the Outer Richmond's brutal temperature swings with unfussy faux-fur capes and shaggy coats.

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Newcomers to the Outside Lands festival are easy to recognize: They’re the ones sleeveless and shivering in the Richmond mist. Yes, San Francisco has cultivated its own breed of music festival style, where skimpy cutoffs are outnumbered by wildly printed leggings and wide-brimmed hats trump floral crowns. (Coachella, it’s not.) This weekend, the eight-year-old festival welcomes headliner Elton John, who, with his penchant for statement shades, embellished jackets, and jaunty hats, is perhaps showgoers’ likeliest spirit animal. In our perennially dressed-down city, the weekend brings a display of sartorial exhibitionism worth imitating even if you aren’t braving the crowds. Here, we spot—and shop—Golden Gate Park’s prevailing trends.

Originally published in the August issue of San Francisco

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