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The Sexual Tension in Detour Dance’s ‘Beckon’ Is Off the Charts

The company takes on desire and OkCupid creepsters.


The dance world gets rather, um, intimate this month with the premiere of Detour Dance’s Beckon (Dec 4–13), a series of vignettes that grapple with the idea of desire—what it is, whom it afflicts, and why it gets in the way of just bro-ing out. Codirector Eric Garcia walks us through some of his favorite moments.

Forbidden Fruit Test 
One vignette consists of a dance between two men, each balancing an apple on his head as he mimics his partner’s increasingly difficult moves. “You’re trying to see if this person is interested in you,” Garcia says. “Asking, ‘Do I qualify?’” The suspenseful duet goes on until one dancer loses the apple. “Every time we’ve rehearsed this, the audience has been dead silent,” says Garcia. “Everyone is just so invested.”

The “No Homo” Duet 
The apple dance serves as a preface to this duet, in which two men switch between hyper-masculine gesturing (chest bumps, fist bumps, high fives) and sincerely kissing. “It’s a suppressed sexuality coming out in a really masculine way,” says Garcia.

The Online Creep Sheet 
Of all the cyber perverts, Detour decided to focus on one type: white men who fetishize Asian women. The team found genuine OkCupid posts and adapted them to be read aloud, directed at two female dancers. Yes, you’re supposed to feel uncomfortable. “We want the audience to see how much privelege this OkCupid man has.


Originally published in the December issue of San Francisco

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