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The Six Things We Would Do if the Elon Musk SF-LA Hyperloop Existed

Eccentric billionaire futurist Elon Musk recently introduced the world to the most important transportation innovation since the cup holder known as Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is a giant tube that transports pods via supersonic air travel. Musk bills it as a safer, faster, cheaper, and more convenient alternative to more to traditional forms of transportation. If it existed today, a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles would take about 30 minutes. Which got us wondering? What sort shenanigans and other adventures would we pull off if it only took us a half hour to go from SF to LA?

1. Go see the Giants play at Dodgers Stadium without having to spend a night in LA.

2. Eat back-to-back dinners at Saison in SF and Allumette in LA, both of which were named Bon Appetit's 50 Best Restaurants in America.

3. Go barhopping on both Polk Street and Hollywood Boulevard and see which nightlife strip has the bigger douche bags.

4. Catch the very beginning of a sunset at Twin Peaks and witness the end of that same sunset from the Hollywood Hills.

5. Work remotely from the Chateau Marmont Hotel.

6. Take spontaneous trips to beaches that don't require a wetsuit to swim in, whenever the fog gets us down.