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The Suitsy—the Greatest Thing Ever—Is Available for Preorders

A one-piece zip up that looks like a suit. God bless San Francisco.


Some people fear change. They didn't want the Transamerica Pyramid to be built. They laughed at turning the Ferry Building into a mall for foodies. Today it's the same kind of people who declare the Suitsy "the worst thing ever."

But like (very poor versions of) Marc Andreeson, we're optimists. And the optimists are winning. Why? We're the ones who understand that one must find and nurture chaos in order to be able to give birth to a dancing star. For us, there is a life of adventure. To find, to seek, to strive, and not to yield. For us, there is the one-piece zip up that looks like a men's suit.

That right. The Suitsy is now available for pre-order.

You remember the Suitsy, don't you? Like the North American snowshoe hare blending in with the wintry landscape or the stingray coating itself in sand, it's a piece of camouflage that speaks to Nature's fecund creativity as poetically as any Beethoven symphony or Yosemite vista. For $283.50.

With 23 days left, the pseudo-suit, the brainchild of Jesse Herzog (him of the late, lamented Zog's Dogs in the Financial District), has filed 30% of its required orders to go into production at Betabrand. As Herzog told us last month, he's honored by the online reaction, even if it has been a tad hyperbolic: "The internet is an interesting place. There are some folks that have literally compared it to the apocalypse. I'm honored they think my garment could have such an impact."

It has, Jesse. It has.


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