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The Tableside Shakers That Mission Chinese Rejected Before MSG

Come on. What's better than MSG?


On Friday, Mission Chinese set off a firestorm not unlike how your stomach feels after eating too much MSG by tweeting out a picture of its newest tableside shaker: MSG. They also wrote, "Authenticity option now available." Thanks to a well-placed source at the restaurant (we made up some stuff we thought was funny), here are the flavoring options that Mission Chinese considered before settling on MSG:


10. Stevia

9. Tapatio

8. Biodynamically-grown chardonnay grape seeds.

7. Dehydrated kale powder

6. Shark fins

5. Gavin Newsom-branded hair gel

4. Essence of the oil of the distillate of the quintessence of truffle

3. Fernet

2. Blue Bottle Giant Steps coffee grounds

1. Salt and pepper


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