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The Urban Design Issue: Our Future Metropolis

A compendium of dreams, schemes, and blueprints for a better Bay Area.

Not an actual plan for Sutro Tower, just a fantasy. But imagine that view!


The Future Is Global
Breaking down the international “starchitects” creating a new visual language in the City by the Bay.
By Lamar Anderson and Erin Feher

The Future Is Uplifting
A piece of architecture takes up arms against racial and social injustice.
By Erin Feher

The Future Is Incremental
How do you solve a problem like Geary Street? Slowly.
By Joe Eskenazi

The Future Is Driverless
Although 23 companies have permits to test self-driving cars on California’s public streets, there are already clear standouts in the pack. A guide to six front-runners in the race to automate the road.
By Scott Lucas

The Future Is Downsized
Star designer Jay Jeffers shows the homeowners of tomorrow how to pass up the white picket fence.
By Erin Feher

The Future Is Activated
Facing a construction delay? Cut down the razor wire and bring that empty lot to life.
By Erin Feher

The Future Is Analog
Goodbye, iPad. Hello, saws, sandpaper, and drills.
By Deborah Bishop

The Future Is Communal
In this post–Ghost Ship era, artists are finding new ways to make collectivist workspaces work for all.
By Mary Jo Bowling

The Future Is Now
In its new show, Intro, West Coast Craft is introducing the world to the next generation of young—like, really young—artisans.
By Erin Feher

The Future Is Agrarian
Urban agriculture—mixing farms with housing—used to mean adapting empty lots or finding sites for community gardens. But what if the agricultural uses are built into the design from the very beginning?
By Scott Lucas

The Future Is for the People
The city’s civic heart has long been viewed as a design failure. Help is on the way.
By Joe Eskenazi

The Future Is Floating
San Francisco is flush with buildable space—it just happens to be in the bay.
By Ian A. Stewart

The Future Is Wet
Breaking down two proposed waterfront developments that are aggressively planning for maximum sea level rise.
By Lamar Anderson

The Future Is Powerful
Architect Stanley Saitowitz and PG&E create substations as sculpture.
By Erin Feher

The Future Is Automated
The robot army, at your service.
By Rebecca Flint Marx

The Future Is a Dream
Only designers from halfway around the world would dare to reimagine our Tenderloin this way.
By Erin Feher

The Future Is Postindustrial
Savvy architects and developers are transforming Silicon Valley’s sea of bland concrete low-rise buildings into the offices of tomorrow.
By Lamar Anderson

The Future Is Bright
An ambitious new street-art project aims to change our perspective on San Francisco’s main drag.
By Gary Kamiya

The Future Is Smart
When a design firm teams up with the public school system, principals become pupils again.
By Erin Feher

The Future Is IRL
An L.A. fashion outpost debuts high-tech shopping.
By Erin Feher


Originally published in the April issue of San Francisco 

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