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The Water Bicycle You've Been Waiting Your Entire Life for Finally Comes to Market

Forget the ferry—bike across the Bay!


You may remember Judah Schiller from last fall, when the Mill Valley resident strapped some pontoons on a two-wheeler and paddled across the San Francisco Bay. Last week, the aquatic inventor released a series of water bicycles which you can now purchase for the low, low cost of $6,500. 

Okay, so maybe it's not that low. But, still, it's a bike that rides on the water!

Schiller unveiled what he calls the X1 at the St. Francis Yacht Club, telling KQED, "There’s a bit of hot-rod motorcycle engineering to this." The aluminum X1 has two propellers and sits on inflatable pontoons. Because there's no rudder, it can sharp turns, and—unlike terrestrial bikes—can go backward. He says it takes about 10 minutes to set up and take down, and can fit inside a car. "We're aiming to make nothing but the best water bike ever invented," said the man who has made the only water bike we've ever heard of.

Riding the water bike will take about 30 minutes to cross the Bay—comparable with rush hour traffic. But the price tag works out to 1,083 crossings by car or 2,097 Bart rides from the Embarcadero to West Oakland. If you'd like, the company will also let you shell out $8,775 for a chrome-dipped "Founder’s Edition."

Expensive? Yeah. Awesome? You bet.


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