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There Goes the Bayview: Home Sells for $1.3 Million

May be the higest reported sale ever in the neighborhood. 

The Quinn House 


A home in San Francisco recently sold for $1.3 million. That might not be news, except for its neighborhood—the Bayview. In fact, the sale is reported to be the highest ever for the neighborhood

The 1870-built home was listed in May for $899,000 and sold in June for $400,000 over asking (that's almost fifty percent). It's called the Quinn House and from what we've seen, the interior needs a little work, but it's a nice place on the whole. Over $1 million nice, though? You tell us. (Certainly the school placement boost you'd get for living in the Bayview adds a bit to the price.)

As Curbed reported back in May, the five-bedroom, two-bathroom home housed the Quinn sisters. In the 1950s, the two of them—who lived on separate floors—got into a fight, after which one sister repainted her half of the house's exterior. (It's been repainted since then). The house, at 1562 McKinnon, is landmarked.

Home prices in Bayview lag behind the city as a whole. By comparison, the median sales price for all home sales in San Francisco from April to June was $955,000. But as the SF Business Times recently reported, home prices in the Bayview shot up 59 percent over the last two years, outpacing the growth of the city as a whole.


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