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There's a bug in your food

Actually, it is your food. Bon appétit.


Take a local culture that’s forever on the hunt for new things to eat, add in our health consciousness and our eco-guilt, and it’s no surprise that eating insects should be in vogue. They’re exotic, they’re full of protein, and their production requires far fewer resources than that of meat. Also, the practice of eating bugs now has a glamorous spokesperson, San Mateo resident Daniella Martin, the anthropologist-turned-entomophagist author of the blog Girl Meets Bug, where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know (or didn’t) about the history, logistics, and art of dining on creepy-crawlies. For now, edible insects are more a niche specialty than a regular menu item, but we’ve found five places that make the case for overcoming the ick factor and learning to bug out.

To see our five places to overcome the ick factor, visit: