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These Three New Sweetbreads Are Just Offal

San Francisco chefs are treating sweetbreads (offal, for beginners) like upscale KFC. The good news? The results do taste just like chicken.

Wine Kitchen's fried offering.

Wine Kitchen
Buffalo, New York, native Jason Limburg shellacks fried sweetbreads ($13) in a near-neon-orange vinegar-chili sauce and plates them with shaved radish and herby housemade ranch.
507 Divisadero St. (near Fell St.), 415-525-3485

Burritt Tavern
Get the chicken-fried sweetbreads ($16), which are soaked in buttermilk and dusted with Wondra flour, giving each nugget a browned and crispy exterior.
417 Stockton St. (near Sutter St.), 415-400-0561

The Corner Store
Tossed in buttery hot sauce, Nick Adams’s Buffalo sweetbreads ($10) arrive over blue cheese aioli, with sprinkles of salsa verde. They have such a following that he can’t remove them from the menu.
5 Masonic Ave. (at Geary blvd.), 415- 359-1800


Originally published in the March 2013 issue of San Francisco.

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