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Three New Restaurants to Try Soon

Bacon-and-kimchee deviled eggs, pork and mustard greens, and kale salad.

Heritage Pork Chop with Butternut Squash, Bacon-Brussels Sprouts Ragu and Pecan Mole at Son's Addiction.


Son’s Addition
Rather than have a third child, Nick and Anna Sager Cobarruvias opted to open a restaurant, which means that instead of changing diapers, they’re changing menus. Seasonally driven and dotted with Latin and Asian accents, theirs is meant to reflect the historic diversity of the Mission district. On a recent evening, bacon-and-kimchee deviled eggs gave way to roasted bone marrow with garlic confit and tomatillos, then to a seared pork chop with pecan mole and butternut squash. An open kitchen overlooks a dining room of easygoing chic, which itself sits in a neighborhood where it’s getting harder to afford to raise a family but easier to find a locally sourced meal. 2990 24th St. (At Harrison St.), 415-500-2817 —Josh Sens

The Saap Avenue
A mural on the back wall reads “Hella Saap,” saap being the Lao word for “delicious.” That’s a fair description of the restaurant’s kamoo, a gently piquant stew of pork and mustard greens, enriched with a boiled egg and served with jasmine rice and a side of garlic-lime sauce. It’s also an apt label for the fish salad, which stars pan-fried tilapia and crisp romaine showered with red onions, ginger, peanuts, and lime. Thomas Manyvong, who also owns Chai Thai Noodles, has kept things in the family with this new outpost in the former Adesso space. With Manyvong’s mother, Julie, in charge of the recipes, the made-for-sharing menu is alive with chili fires that wash down well with cocktails. It’s a place that’s hella perfect for grabbing a bite at the bar. 4395 Piedmont Ave. (At Pleasant Valley Ave.) —J.S.

Copper Spoon
Copper Spoon is one of those bar-restaurants where it seems like every other dish has a specific namesake: Sassy’s kale salad, Vita’s tzatziki, and Missy’s carrot cake. Located in the old Art’s Crab Shak spot, it’s a mishmash of a place—part sports bar, part high-minded cocktail lounge, part New American eatery. Chef Andre Hall’s menu traipses from Asia to the Mediterranean to the American South, so that a given meal might include roasted cauliflower that tastes like buffalo wings, a lamb burger smothered in too much of that housemade tzatziki, and a side of three different Asian-inflected preparations of bacon. In truth, the menu could use some cohesion. But the cocktails are stellar, that bacon is delicious in its own right, and whoever Missy is, you’ll want to shake her hand for delivering one helluva slice of classic cream cheese–frosted carrot cake. 4031 Broadway (Near 40th St.), 510-879-7061 —Luke Tsai


Originally published in the February issue of San Francisco 

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