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Three Shows to Cure Your Sold Out Blues

We know you’re upset that you’re too late for everyone from Modest Mouse to Phoenix, but before you go drop $60 on StubHub, check out some alterative routes.

Bomba Estéreo plays New Parish on April 1st.

Sold Out: Django Django @ Public Works (3/22)
Alternative: Cool Ghouls
The local rockers may not have the critical acclaim of the British quartet, but their sound is just as surprising and playful, if only a little bit more surfy.
Brick & Mortar, 3/25, $6, 8 p.m.

Sold Out: Phoenix @ UC Davis (4/2)
Alternative: Daedelus
Sure, Daedelus is only one man instead of four, and a producer rather than actually playing instruments, but his tunes match Phoenix’s more mellowed out earlier work. So no “Lystomania,” think more along the lines of “North.”
The Independent, 3/31, $16, 8 p.m.

Sold Out: Major Lazer @ The Independent (3/28)
Alternative: Bomba Estéreo
Alright, Major Lazer has some pretty awesome dance tracks, but Bomba Estéreo will not disappoint. The Colombian electro dub quartet, led by the fierce vocals of Liliana Saumet, has both the dance beat anthems and more mellow grooving tunes. A little less reggae than Lazer, but equally upbeat.
New Parish, 4/1, $20, 8 p.m.


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