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Three's a Trend: Haute Jerky

Dehydrated meat never tasted so good.

At AQ’s kid sister, TBD, the turkey and the beef renditions are smoked over coals for a thirsty-making bar snack that will drive you straight to the quenching beer old-fashioned made with bourbon barrel–aged stout. 1077 Mission St. (near 7th st. ), 415-431-1826

When Range spinoff Third Rail opens this month, the bar will stock an extensive jerky selection. Don’t miss the few made by Range chef Phil West, especially the version flavored with coffee grounds and pasilla chili. 628 20th St. (near 3rd St.), 415-252-7966

The best snack to be had in the basement food court at Macy’s Union Square is—far and away—the graband- go Jungle Jerky by the register at Asian Box. Its soft chew is laced with fish sauce, soy, garlic, and chilies. 170 O’Farrell St. (near Powell St.), 415-288-3684


Originally published in the December issue of San Francisco 

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