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Today's Most-Anguished Tweets About Nestle Buying Blue Bottle



Local favorite Third Wave coffee chain Blue Bottle announced this morning that it would be selling a majority stake to multinational food conglomerate Nestlé. 

The internet did not take the news well, of course. Here's some of the most-anguished instant reactions on Twitter.


@TomosSion: "nonononono"

@epriamelo: "Now Nestlé can export the #BlueBottle server bro-titude around the world. #MonetizeCoffee"

@torque: "Um. Wow. @bluebottleroast congrats on making money, but our family's out on supporting Nestle. We'll find a new coffee supplier."

@Sam_L_Shead: "Can confirm that Blue Bottle Coffee does nice coffee. Pls don’t ruin it Nestlé"

@nicpetrak: "Nestle buys #bluebottle for $700m, that sound you hear in SF is the unified recoiling of hipsters"

@LeeCostigan: "I'm torn. Happy to see some well-earned success but hugely disappointed to see Nestlé attached to the Blue Bottle name. May have lost a sub."

@heatheredpearls: "Nooooooooooooooooooooo Nestle is the Satan's asshole of corporate companies, this really blows."

@jdkunesh: "And all of Oakland cried. Except the investors."

@TassoTass: "Screw the high-end coffee market. The Greek diner coffee that I get for a $1 is still the best coffee."


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