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Top Ten "Bests" at Tonight's Best of the Bay Area Party

There will be superlatives aplenty at the event of the year.

The “best” in Best of the Bay stands for a lot of things. Of course, it means the best picks in Bay Area food, drink, style, and culture—all represented at the party— but some other bests will be represented at the event, too. For example, the best night of your life might be there. Here are some more: 

1. Best way to gourmet gorge: The variety of food will make Off the Grid look like Soviet Russia.

2. Best way to celebrate the Supreme Court rulings: No weddings are planned, but they’re encouraged (who can wait 25 days?)

3. Best way to prep for the Fourth of July: Consider this a dry run, minus the dry part.

4. Best pickup scene: Combine Mardi Gras, James Franco at spring break, and the Folsom Street Fair, and there you have it.

5. Best reason to get a hangover and skip work on Friday: Did you see The Great Gatsby? You’ll think Baz Luhrmann planned the party.

6. Best alibi for the night. We’ll say we saw you and that you didn’t do whatever it is they say you did.

7. Best way to pretend you're Amanda Bynes: Just don't end up in jail, please.

8. Best cigar lounge pop-up: Stogies for all our friends! Remember, we have a lot to celebrate. 

9. Best way to strut your stuff: This city doesn't always get dressed up, but when it does, it looks gooood. 

10. Because it's there: And like George Mallory, who really needs reasons? Now, are you gonna let Mallory show you up like that? We thought not.

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